University Hospital Federation “SUPORT” SUrvival oPtimization in ORgan Transplantation
Collaborative projects to optimize organ transplantation in partnership with institutions and industry
From the laboratory to the hospital bed, in order to improve transplant patient’s care and quality of life


Created in 2014 by research, hospital and university teams from Tours, Poitiers and Limoges, the Federation Hospitalo-Universitaire (FHU) SUPORT aims to group for the first time, in the field of the organ transplantation, talents and skills to stimulate the innovation and develop new protocols of clinical and fundamental research.

In a context of shortage of the transplant, clinicians, researchers and academics combine their expertise around two priority axes: the improvement of the graft survival by optimizing the conditioning of the donor, and the personalized care of the transplanted patient in the short and long term.

Re-labeled in 2022 by HUGO (Grand Ouest University Hospitals), FHU SUPORT now involves  the University Hospitals and the Universities of Angers, Brest, Limoges, Nantes, Poitiers, Rennes and Tours, and also 2 associated centers (Orléans Regional Hospital Center and Hospital Center of Le Mans), as well as research teams notably members of AVIESAN (U1227 – Brest, U1313 - Poitiers, U1092 and U1248 – Limoges, CIC 1414 – Rennes, EA4245 - Tours).

In partnership with numerous institutional and industrial actors, the FHU SUPORT meets the challenge: optimize the chances of success of the organ transplant and improve the quality of life of the transplanted patient.


- February 3, 2023 : 4 collaborative projects were presented at the FHU Scientific Council. A selection committee will meet in the coming weeks to decide on the distribution of the FHU’s Inserm 2023 grant among the submitted projects.
- March 17, 2023 : FHU SUPORT Executive committee meeting
- May 12, 2023 : FHU SUPORT Scientific Assembly meeting