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Inter-University digrees - Diplômes inter-universitaires (DIU)

DIU Organ Tranplantation

Additional specific training in organ transplantation for medical doctors (doctors, surgeons, immunologists or biologists) who will have to deal in with transplanted patients (kidney, heart, liver, lung, pancreas, etc.)
Training provided jointly by the Universities of Tours, Paris and Lyon.
Head teacher:
Matthias BÜCHLER, Professor at the Tours University,  Hospital Practitioner at the Tours University Hospital

Master 1 / Master 2

Master 1st year - Life and Health Sciences - "Health pathway"

M1 teaching unit entitled "Personalised medicine: targeted therapies, pharmacogenetics and pharmacokinetics, biomarkers »
Participation of the University of Limoges :

Master 2 Research : "Host-graft relationship » (RHG)

Master's degree in Biology and Health Products - specialisation in Host-Graft Relationship
Co-entitlements :
- Université de Franche-Comté :  (main authorising establishment) (Besançon)
- Université de Bourgogne
- Université Paris-Sud XI :

Doctorat / HDR

- Université de Poitiers :
- Université de Tours :
- Université de Limoges :